Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Team

Keith Dear: Project Manager

I am a biostatistician and epidemiologist specialising in environmental health. My main area is the health impacts of climate change, especially the direct effects of heat and cold and how climate influences the range and transmissibility of vector-borne diseases such as Dengue.

Charmian Bennett: Epidemiologist

I am an environmental epidemiologist with a background in environmental science and geography. My research focuses on the impacts of climate change on human health, especially the impacts of heat and other extreme weather events that will become more frequent and more severe as our climate changes.

Ivan Hanigan: Environmental scientist and database manager

I am a multidisciplinary data manager and analyst. I have primarily worked in Environmental Epidemiology where I have honed my skills in manipulation of large databases and multivariate regression modelling.  I also have experience of scenario-based forecasting in climate change risk assessments.

Ian Szarka: Software engineer

I am software developer at ANU with a having primarily worked on software for scientific applications. This has included environmental simulation models especially in hydrology, memory management of temporal data, decision support tools, forward propagation uncertainty analysis, multi-objective optimisation, and more recently processing of 3d geometries for rapid prototyping (‘3d printing’).

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  1. Very nice description of the team. Obviously anyone doing 3D printing should get a raise ;)